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Ok, so I’m on a rant lately about gossip sites..and I LOVE gossip sites.  I know I complained last week about them spoon feeding me unhealthy things, but what about when they feed us things that are just plain bad.  Today is one of those days and unfortunately, its not the first or second or 100th time!  Have you all seen today? They have their usual daily dose of celebrity juice- you know, which celebrity got busted for a DUI last night, who needs the fashion police to do a citizen’s arrest on the red carpet, who broke up with who and of course, the seemingly never ending stream of celebrity starlets who go commando. This week, it appears that starlet would be Ali Larter.  Bossip caught her bending over with her ass cheeks out, following in the trend of Britney, Paris, etc.  Ok, we all laughed when we saw it and shook our heads disapprovingly. I mean, girls if you don’t want the world to see France, wear some panties.  However, what got to me wasn’t the photo, it was the caption.  ‘whose swirling and
deranged PALE cakes could be on the front street like this, picking up pennies with no damn panties on?? It’s Ali Larter, the crazy WHITE b*tch from the movie Obsessed!’

Its the year 2009, so I beg the question exactly when is it that we stop bringing race into it?  Call her crazy if you must, zoom in on her bare butt and crack jokes about it..hey, that’s what you do, that’s your job. And you do it well.  But WHY must you throw in the PALE, WHITE part? What if it was Halle Berry, Sanaa Lathan, Gabrielle Union, Stacey Dash or heck, the First Lady..would you feel ok with calling any of them a Black bitch? Or what if you read about them being referred to that on Perez or TMZ. My guess is there would be a storm of outrage and accusations of racism.  Can anyone say double standard? Russell has himself been targeted, ridiculed and singled out for dating white women.  He has addressed this huge issue many times-even his girlfriend Julie Henderson felt the need to speak out and defend their relationship.  It was hurtful and shocking to all of us who are close to them that the color of their skin was somehow in this day and age still an issue.  Apparently, they are not alone.

In a time of war, economic crisis and the Earth’s resources being raped we all need to turn our energies toward healing, unity and progress.  The language you use doesn’t honor any of those things.  We will never move away from the sting of racism until we change not just our thoughts but our words.  Bossip, you can do better.