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Comment allez-vous?

Sorry, I was on my Global Grind! I took a couple months off traveling around the world, recording new songs and working hard as a model to pay what they call ‘bills’. While on the topic of ‘singing’ or should I say ‘my life’, I experienced a lot of good and bad things. Like I said on my 1st diary post ‘I will not lose’.

Growing up in a real parisian’s project, it wasn’t easy to earn the respect of the masculine gender. Especially when you’re mixed. Music and Basketball became my outlet. That was the only way for me to express myself as a naïve teenager in that ‘urban jungle’.

I hardly believe that my music now is influenced by my childhood experience. It’s what my mother used to listen to at home during that long struggle, From Diana Ross to Sade I fell in love with Soul, Disco and Funk!

When I became a model ( I’ll tell you how on the next blog) I started to hang out with club promoters in Paris, St Tropez, Marbella and Ibiza. I discovered electronic and house music. That was the second crush. That soulful ambiance combined with african drums and the electronic sounds flirting with a funk groovy bass had me really speechless every time I heard that genre of music in the club.

Ok enough, my music will speak for itself.

I gotta go I have a studio session..