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“If it weren’t for the trials we’ve been through; I’d never have the courage to come back to you” – Betty Wright

If you can identify with this “quote” in any remotely close way and relate it to a personal experience, then you my friend have entered the world of “No Pain No Gain” a existence where emotional rollcasters are a joyful ride and the daily waxes and wanes of a relationship, have become a “known hobby” as opposed to a weekly

Over one million individuals in today’s society have discovered at some point in time that the word “love” is more than a mere utterance or walk in the park; no need for quoted statistics…a census form to locate the ages and ethnic backgrounds…of singles around the United States that have suffered from heart ache, denial or perplexity…these vast numbers cannot be defined by charts or Polly graphs.

What actually “defines” real love…in today’s society…..No I don’t have the answers and unfortunately know one known to mankind possesses the responses to this question either…the only advice myself or anyone can care to lend is that when it comes to love you have to buckle up and enjoy the journey, except it for what its worth, and most importantly take the good with the bad.

Allow me to re direct my focus, and provide you with some illustration both real and fictional. Some of televisions classic relationships haven’t been a complete slice of pie, for example (Mr.Bigg & Carrie Bradshaw) Sex and the City (Nia Long & Larenz Tate) in 90’s classic movie Love Jones, Brown Sugar, Disappearing Acts, and lastly one of my personal favorite love stories The Notebook all epic love stories with appropriate inserts of real life trials and tribulations that reflect real life issues when concerning love and lost. All of the examples above are archetypal examples that I believe are given to us in the form of entertainment to “keep pushing” Keep fighting” genuine, consuming, unbearable love is really out there somewhere; although you may have to discover it on a not so desirable journey.

Trust and believe it’s not just your everyday average society figure encountering these exhausting trials with “love” it’s also some of your favorite singers and rappers…. how do you think they come up with the material for their lyrical content…(DUHH) the assessment of love is simple; its gruesome, frank,  factual and at times confusing…..but more importantly its REAL.
Without heartbreak, and relationship waxes and wanes, we wouldn’t have too much of a profound “R&B Culture”. It’s no coincidence that today’s R&B crooners such as Beyonce, Ashanti & Alicia keys are belling out similar lyrics to previous classic “heartbreaking heavy hitters” such as “Anita Baker, Betty Wright & Phyllis Hyman . Everything in the world is always in constant motion, and ever evolving however the cycle of love will always remain the same and never exhaust its energy or run out of possibilities…… No one said it would be easy..