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With a million plus videos posted on YouTube a day, it’s hard to discover what’s hot, what’s not, or what’s trending. So we here at GlobalGrind decided to round up the most hilarious, funniest, politically important, amusing and amazingly trendtastic videos right to your computer screen.

The most hilarious video GlobalGrind found today has to go to ‘Jersey Shore’ star and official ‘Ciroc Boy’ DJ Pauly D. Pauly D did an interesting commercial for the sandwich dressing company Miracle Whip about how much he hates Miracle Whip. LOL Interesting. Check the video out below! And find out what is ‘pussy furry?’ on the next page!

We’ve brought you more amazing videos so take a look at the other terrifically trendtastic videos on the next few pages!


Young girl does a hilarious parody of Cee-Lo Green’s ‘F*ck You.’


High school student Jordan Green makes an incredible dunk.


Watch the Muppets rock out in Brighton to ‘Dance Yrself Clean’