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(Karim Ramons and Russell Simmons).

Publishing ideas used to be complicated but once the mimeograph came around in 1876, anyone with a bicep, an idea and some funds could publish whatever they wanted. Fast forward to the 21st Century and the same can be said about digital devices and publishing platforms like Twitter and Lulu, the printing presses of today that allow for the sharing of experiences.

Ditto traditional publishing methods like paperback books. 

‘From Fat Farm To Phat Farm: Never Give Up’ is a self-published memoir and motivational book written by Karim Ramos, a Puerto Rican actor, model and singer from Florida who went from living in his car and sleeping on park benches to interning for and working with Russell Simmons and Phat Farm in the mid 1990s.



(The paperback version of Ramos’ book).

The book contains 103 pages, many of which are illustrated. The book has photographs of Ramos and his family and Before and After photographs of his dramatic weight-loss. There are also tear sheets from his modeling days. Ramos’ first person narrative details his experience growing up in Florida with a stern father, two sisters, a stay at home mom and an All American big brother who committed suicide, despite being adored by everyone. 


(The hardback version of Ramos’ book).

For Ramos, growing up in his brother’s shadow was difficult. To cope with his relationships at home and at school he turned to food and became overweight. So much so that he was teased  at school. However, such teasing did not deter Ramos from achieving his dreams. He realized he had something special to share with the world: his songs. While working as a personal trainer for the YMCA, Ramos realized that he needed to follow the same advice he gave to his clients. It was time for him to take on a positive attitude about his goals and dreams in life.


(Karim Ramos)

With sheer determination and empty pockets, Ramos packed his things and drove back to New Jersey where the family had moved after his parents divorce. Sleeping in his car, in parks, on benches and in dank basements, Ramos’ positive attitude, drive and belief in himself catapulted him to places he did not expect. He traveled all over the world.

Ramos’ book is an easy read and his tales will encourage you to believe in yourself too and to think positively. This is not a self-help book in the traditional sense. Rather, it’s one man’s attempt to share the joys and rewards of thinking positively in terrible circumstances.


(Ramos in an undated photograph).

GlobalGrind recommends Ramos’ inspirational book because it was written honestly and because a percentage of all sales will be donated to two charities: The RUSH Philanthropic Arts Foundation and The Boys Scouts of America’s Learning For Life, both non profit organizations.

You may purchase ‘From Fat Farm To Phat Farm’ Here 

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