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Today’s GlobalGrind apps of the day let you catch all the NCAA March Madness games for free, download thousands of books, and create music from ordinary street objects on your mobile device. Check out what apps we found from around the web to share with you today.

What: NCAA March Madness on Demand

Made By: Turner Sports Interactive

What It Does: Our first app of the day allows you to watch all of this year’s NCAA basketball tournament games in real time for free! That’s not a joke… watch every game without paying a dime! Along with that you get live scores and stats plus the app is integrated with Facebook and Twitter. This app is great but make sure you don’t get caught cheering on your favorite team at work.

Platform: iPhone, iPad

How Much: FREE on iTunes


Another screenshot from the NCAA March Madness on Demand app for iPhone and iPad.


What: Finger Stomp

Made By: greySox

What It Does: This app let’s you create music using everyday street objects like basketballs or trash cans. The graphics are top notch and the sounds of each object are ultra realistic. Tap into your inner Dr. Dre and create your own beats with a selection of 22 makeshift instruments or improve your skills by mimicing ones provided for you.

Platform: iPhone, iPad

How Much:  $0.99 on iTunes


A screenshot from the Finger Stomp app available for the iPhone and iPad.


What: Orange Book Club App

Made By: Orange

What It Does: Tired of playing games and listening to music and want to just chill out, relax and read a darn book? This app has you covered. Browse over 23,000 titles and download entire eBooks straight to your Android or BlackBerry device with one click. Reading is FUNdamental!

Platform: Android and BlackBerry

How Much:  Free from the Android Market or here.