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Emily Bustamante, also known as Emily B., is stepping out of her boyfriend Fabolous’ shadow and letting the world know that she isn’t a rapper’s baby mother who sits at home and collects a check. Emily is a celebrity stylist who styles every one from Terrence J to New York Jets star Darrelle Revis and now, she’s making a name for herself on VH1’s hit show, “Love & Hip-Hop.”

Emily dishes to GlobalGrind about how she met Fabolous, her celebrity clients and the hardships of being judged. Don’t judge Emily, she’s probably one of the most charismatic of the bunch and you’ll definitely know why Fab likes her so much.

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GLOBALGRIND: How did you and Fabolous meet?

EMILY BUSTAMANTE: It’s actually a funny story. His brother approached me and came up to me and said, “My brother wants to talk to you…” He didn’t say tell me that Fab was his brother. I said if your brother wants to talk to me tell him to come over here. Five minutes later Fab came over to me and we exchanged numbers and the rest is history. That was about 9 years ago.

GG: Many people don’t know that you’re a celebrity stylist. Prior to meeting Fabolous 9 years ago, were you styling celebrities?

EB: I was already a wardrobe stylist. I’ve been sewing and making clothes since I was a little girl. I’ve been styling since I was 19-years-old. So when I met him that’s what I was doing. Me coming to New York and expanding my brand was my goal to just continue to work hard and become better. New York is the fashion capital of the world. It just so happens Fab gave me an opportunity to style him, which opened up many doors for me.

Emily dishes about the drama on “Love & Hip-Hop” on the next page!


GG: Who are your celebrity clients?

EB: Terrence J of “106 and Park.” I just got finished doing the “106 and Park” promo photo shoot for him and Rocsi. Red Café and Teairra Mari.  I also do personal shopping for New York Jets star Darrelle Revis. I work. Fab isn’t my only client. A lot of people think that Fab’s my only client, but he’s not, he’s just one of my clients.  

GG: There was a little drama between Chrissy and Somaya Reece during the season, what else can we expect to see during the series?

EB: I can’t really give away too much. Chrissy and Somaya definitely have a little beef. Somaya is the new girl in town and we don’t really know her intentions. That’s kind of what you see and you’ll see how that plays out. It kind of gets thrown off to Somaya vs. Olivia somehow, I don’t know how. But you get to see my growth. People are kind of judging it off the first episode, but just watch! I promise you you’ll see a lot more. There are 7 more episodes. It was a struggle for me during taping and I’ve grown so much since then. People need to watch. Don’t judge me off of episode one please! (laughs).

GG: You and Mashonda were girls before the show?

EB: Yeah, we’ve been friends for three years. We met through mutual friends and we both have young sons, so we do a lot of play dates and all that fun mother stuff. That’s my girl.

GG: Did you know Chrissy and Olivia as well?

EB: I knew Chrissy through mutual friends as well. She was Jim Jones’ girl and I was Fab’s girl so that’s how we were cordial. I didn’t know Olivia. We actually met during the show. You’ll see how all that plays out in the show.

Find out the hardships of being a rapper’s girlfriend next!


GG: What’s the most difficult part about being the wife or girlfriend of a rapper or hip-hop artist?

EB: The stereotypes and having to deal with the judgment of even being with someone in the limelight. He could be a perfect angel and no one would believe it. No one believes that they can have normal relationships. The hardest part is dealing with the rumors. You have to have thick skin because it’s hard. You have to know the real from the fake. There’s a lot of real, but you have to know the fake first.

GG: What advice would you girl a woman who is in a new relationship with a rapper?

EB: I couldn’t give advice right now. It’s hard and everyone is different. Every man is different. And just because he’s a rapper doesn’t mean he’s like all the other ones. Everyone is an individual. Don’t judge off of my relationship and compare it to your relationship. Everyone isn’t the same.

GG: Who are your Top 5 favorite designers?

EB: For men, Alexander Wang, PRPS, Blood, Sweat & Tears INTL, Rich Yung and Crimson Label, which is a new line I’m working with.  I’m not really a label girl and I’m not really into trends. I’m more of a classic girl and love timeless pieces. Trendy comes and goes. If it has a label, that’s cool, but you can make anything look good if you style it up with some fancy shoes (laughs).

GG: What are your favorite hip-hop albums?

EB: Nas, “It was Written,” Fabolous “Street Dreams,” Donnell Jones “Where I Wana Be,” and Jay-Z “Reasonable Doubt.”

GG: What do you want the world to know about Emily B?

EB: Everyone who’s going to read this will probably already watch episode one and I did a lot of crying during the episode. It was just hard for me having to deal with those questions and I want everyone to know that I’m okay (laughs). Every day I grow and become stronger. You have to watch the show to see my progress.  Many people think because I’m Fab’s girl that I probably sit around and collect a check, but I’m a working woman. I have a great career as a stylist and I’m a mother.  I’m also working on my new line “Emily B.” It’s something affordable, fun and trendy. Something that the average girl can wear that won’t break her pockets. I’m focused on being a mom and continuing my career as a stylist.


Celebrity stylist Emily Bustamante of VH1’s hit show “Love & Hip-Hop.”


Celebrity stylist Emily Bustamante of VH1’s hit show “Love & Hip-Hop” and her boyfriend, rapper Fabolous and their son.


Celebrity stylist Emily Bustamante of VH1’s hit show “Love & Hip-Hop” and her boyfriend rapper Fabolous.

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