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This Gear Of The Day visits the past, and comes back to the future. With the comeback of clogs and body suits, the always-in-fashion love of Louboutin, and a nice Lacoste Messenger bag, we are clogging into spring.
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Who: Call It Spring

What: Odora clog sandal

Where: JCPenny

When: Now, in honor of spring’s official start.

GG Certified: This kicks pick came because we are so glad that clogs are taking on a much more pretty, and sexy look. The Odora clogs have goldtone stud accents, peep toe, and 5 ¼ inch heel. Top that!


Call It Spring Odora clog sandal



Who: Lacoste

What: Fitzgerald Messenger Bag

Where: Nordstrom

When: Mail time!

GG Certified: The Lacoste Fitzgerald messenger bag is a nice carry-all for the fellas. This all-black-everywhere version of the messenger bag is the most versatile. With its sleek, modern look, it can travel with you from casual to formal in minutes. But be warned, this bag is quite costly.


Lacoste Fitzgerald messenger bag.



Who: Technibond®

What: Flower-Design Enamel Ring

Where: HSN

When: Some time soon

GG Certified: What a lovely design we see in this super cool ring. A floral filigree design coupled with black, or white, enamel makes a delicate yet luxurious piece of hardware. The fact that it’s an affordable ring makes it all the more attractive.


Technibond flower-design enamel ring.



Who: KellyShoeStrings, Vintage Strings

What: Vintage Jump Suits

Where: Etsy

When: ASAP

GG Certified: One-piece suits were a hit in the ’70s, and they have made they’re comeback in the 21st century. Get an authentic, vintage jumpsuit to make yours stand apart from all of the modernized versions. There are some great finds at this online-thrift-shop, take a look.


Vintage Jump Suit.



Who: Christian Louboutin

What: Red-bottom shoes, any pair.

Where: Neiman Marcus

When: One day soon

GG Certified: For most girls, a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes is the end-all-be-all on a long list of “one day” items. The famous red-bottom label’s shoes can cost upwards of $2,000—that’s rent. The Leather Butterfly Bootie (pictured above) and the Ankle-Wrap Platform Sandal are a GlobalGrind favorite.


Christian Louboutin Ankle-Wrap Platform Sandal.