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Sony finally admitted on Saturday that their PlayStation Network was hacked. “An external intrusion,” was the company’s official explanation on day three of the outage, which has affected over 70 million users in North America and Europe.

On day five, today, we’re still wondering when the network will return to normal. While we’re waiting, we thought we’d give you some ideas on what to do while the network is being repaired.

1. Go Outside.

See that glowing orange ball of fire in the sky? That’s called the Sun. Go outside and re-introduce yourself to it. This is what we did when we found out on Thursday that the network was down. Sun didn’t touch our skin till Sunday afternoon, though. We spent a few days in front of our flatscreen with our hands death gripping our controller hoping that error message would magically go away.


2. Talk to your significant other.

You know that person who greets you when you come home from work? They make you breakfast and iron your clothes? An error ridden playstation console could csuddenly clue you in to the fact that  you live with them. That’s a plus. While Sony is tackling their PSN shut down, you should talk to them. After all, you share the same bed and they did buy you Mortal Kombat because they know you love Kratos. Do you even remember their name?



3. Fix the dent in your couch.

Your butt print is carved in your couch cushions. Pull out the cushions, give them a shake, replace and spray with Febreeze, it’s been awhile.


4. Acknowledge your pet.

That furry thing that looks at you like you’re the whole world? The one that leaves you “presents” in kicks? That’s your pet, Miss Missy Princess Higginbottom. She likes to be caressed. Go ahead, touch her chin, she is dying for your attention. 


5. Call your mom.

She only gave birth to you after 18 hours in labor. That C section scar didn’t come from a knife fight. You owe her that much. 


6. Listen to yourself.

Real people are really scary, what with their wars and their guns in church. Which is why you love gaming, you can control the action. Real people? They have years and years and years and years of deep rooted problems. Guess what? You’re a real person, too. Use this time to take a really, really, really long look at yourself. You’re not a nice person.


7. Volunteer.

People, ‘people who need people, are the luckiest people in the world.’ Volunteer if all you do is play video games all day. Now that you’re not playing games all day, you can lend your time to those who need it. 


8. Join XBox Live.

Join Xbox live if you’re really desperate to play games with strangers. It’s not free but then again, nothing in life is.