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Donald Trump has found a new target: Superman!

Renouncing his American citizenship in issue #900 of Action Comics, the formerly American superhero icon, synonymous with truth, justice, the American way and midwestern purity for a trillion years, has embraced World Citizenship because he does not want to appear to be partisan or to be hindered by politics.

The strange visitor from destroyed planet Krypton was created in the 1938 and is our nation’s most beloved and very literal illegal alien. No electric fence can keep him out of any country and if Trump were to ask for his birth certificate, he’d be vaporized.

Superman, aka Clark Kent aka Kal El, renounced his citizenship after he was seen in the company of peaceful government protesters in Iran. All he did was show up, but the Iranian government wasn’t having it because the Man of Steel is an American hero. America’s Secretary of Defence wasn’t having it either. Realizing that the world is getting smaller, Lois Lane’s boyfriend thought it would be best if he said sayonara to the old stars and stripes and be a citizen of Earth rather than of one specific nation. 

After the break, more controversial and funny issues of comic books, most of them sex-related.


This is just wrong. 


The Rifleman has major wood carried by a small boy.


Betty and Me, No. 16

Its’ all in the words. Read ’em and weep.


World’s Finest Comics, No. 7

Batman, Robin and Superman have cannons between their lags.

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