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Odd Future frontman Tyler, the Creator released his sophomore album “Goblin” today, but it begs the question: What’s the rest of the crew up to? And, most importantly, where in the world is Earl Sweatshirt?

The 17-year-old Los Angeles-bred rapper released his solo effort “EARL” in March of last year, but has been noticeably absent and was sincerely missed when the Wolf Gang took over “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon.”

Check out our theories on where Earl could be hiding on the next pages, as well as more info about this enigmatic musician. 


The South Pacific

The widest spread and most recent rumor is that Earl ― real name Thebe Kgositsile ― is at a center for troubled teens in … wait for it … Samoa. This rumor began when Complex claimed to have found Earl thanks to a posting on Facebook.


Somewhere Really Mad at His Mom

According to rumors, Earl’s mom is the reason he hasn’t been rolling with his OFWGKTA crew. The 17-year-old’s mom is reportedly prohibiting the release of the minor’s music. It’s unclear whether she’s holding back Earl’s tunes due to the explicit lyrical content or publishing/financial issues. Either way, we can imagine that Earl is not pleased. 



On March 5, Earl’s “Couch” was uploaded to the group’s Tumblr page. The song begins with a radio intro announcement about Fuji City. Is this a hint? Was Earl in Japan? Seems far-fetched, but the YouTube video of the track was added to the group’s page days before the earthquake hit the east Asian island.


Brooklyn, NY

According to BJ Steiner aka Doc Zeus, Earl was spotted on the corner of Putnam Ave. and Franklin in the Bed-Stuy neighborhood of Brooklyn. Seems like a far cry from Los Angeles, but who knows. Zeus did a very insightful investigative report on Earl’s disappearance. Check it out at

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