Odd Future frontman Tyler, the Creator was reveling in the excitement (we assume) of releasing his sophomore project “Goblin” yesterday, when news broke that he was arrested.

According to reports, Tyler made an appearance outside Los Angeles’ Westchester High School (one of the 12 schools the rapper was tossed out of when he was a teen, perhaps?) to promote his new project, but somewhere things took a weird turn.

Details are scarce, but Tyler tweeted that he was pounding the pavement with a little help from the Mexican community right before the arrest. “Its Mexicans Outside Of Fairfax; Palisades; Westchester Selling GOBLIN; Oranges; An Exclusive Tee And You Can Get A Wristband For The Show,” Tyler announced via Twitter.


Unfortunately, from what we deduce, it looks like the LAPD hit Tyler with a common kick, push issue, “we’re sorry kids there’s no skating here,” because just two hours after his tweet re: mexicans, oranges, wristbands and “Goblin” tees, Tyler went on a rant directed at the cops.

The usual “F–k cops” rant followed, but the incident didn’t appear to be that serious because Tyler was never taken into custody and made it to his secret release day show. SWAG! (As OFWGKTA would say). Tyler would go on to reveal in the wee hours of the morning that the arrest was related to “disturbing the peace.” “And F–k Those Cops,” Tyler tweeted at around 3am. Adding, “Had Us In Cuffs For No Reason, Didn’t Do Shit. “Disturbing The Peace, Loitering And Skating Pass A Cop” What The F–k?”

Despite a pic of Tyler in cuffs, skeptics (probably the same people still waiting on more proof that Osama is dead) wonder if the whole incident was a publicity stunt to bring more attention to the release of “Goblin.” Publicity stunt or not, we can’t help but admit that Tyler and his OFWGKTA crew are becoming more and more interesting. Hip-hop mosh pits, a missing member, vomiting on camera, musings about rape and death in their lyrics and oranges … oh my! We’re hooked.


Tyler the Creator chronicled his release day and snapped a pic of the CD in his local/fav Best Buy store.


Tyler employed some locals to act as the “Goblin” street team.


Tyler jumps on Jimmy Fallons back during an Odd Future performance. 

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