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Lizzy Jagger is breaking away from her rock legend father Mick Jagger’s spotlight and making a name for herself in Playboy Magazine. Lizzy Jagger was featured in the June issue of the famous mag. 

The 27-year-old rocked the cover of Playboy and she definitely isn’t afraid to wear her birthday suit on or off of magazine covers. LIzzy dished to Playboy, “I’m kind of a topless person. I’m quite European, so when I”m at the beach I prefer to be topless.”

Don’t get it twisted, just because Lizzy’s father is a rock and roll legend, doesn’t mean she’s a certified bad girl. Lizzy’s actually a really down to earth girl who likes to have fun and rock her birthday suit from time to time. 

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Lizzy Jagger in Playboy Magazine’s June issue. 

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