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Fox News’ Sean Hannity went on a two segment tirade on his show last night condemning First Lady Michelle Obama and President Obama for inviting the rapper Common to the White House for an event to celebrate American poetry.

On “The Sean Hannity Show,” the host said that President Obama is returning to his “radical” ways by inviting a “vile rapper” like Common to recite poetry to children.

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In response to Hannity’s criticism, Russell Simmons told the Washington Times, “I really do like Sean Hannity. He’s a nice guy, but he’s more gangster, more homophobic, more racist…I shouldn’t say racist. He has more race issues. He’s more homophobic, for sure. And he’s more sexist and he’s more gangster than Snoop Dogg.” 

Later on, we caught up with Russell for further comment and he told us, “Common is a sweet guy, a progressive guy, he’s what Hannity would call a soft ass liberal, he ain’t a gangster like Hannity, he’s not a sexist or racist like Hannity, he’s just a sweet, loving person. So it’s ironic that a person like Sean Hannity, who I like, would say something like that about Common.”

“When it comes to the gangster thing, Common doesn’t want to go to war, but Hannity is quick to go to war and blow up sh*t,” Russell continued, “So Hannity is more racist, sexist, homophobic and gangster than Common and for Hannity to call Common a gangster, is the pot calling the kettle black.”