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Bridesmaids is in theaters now and if you want to laugh until you cry, then you will want to see this film. Kristen Wiig, Maya Rudolph, Wendi McLendon-Covey and the rest of the ladies make this a nonstop laugh-a-thon.

Wendi plays one of the bridesmaids named Rita, a married mother whose bratty evil sons lead her to the bottle and makes for many laughs.

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Wendi McLendon-Covey spoke with GlobalGrind’s to discuss her role in “Bridesmaids,” Pippa Middleton and how to she keeps a healthy marriage after 15 years.

Check out this interview below and be sure to go see “Bridesmaids.” You won’t be disappointed!

“Bridesmaids” has an amazing cast with so much comedic talent, what did you do during downtime?

On the days when I wasn’t on the schedule, I was so angry I couldn’t go in because everyday was so much fun. Stuff happened in between takes that was funnier than what we were doing, because those girls are so funny. We did a lot of laughing.

Can you share one of your funny stories with us?

We had fun chasing the peacocks around the botanical gardens where we filmed the wedding scene and we are all standing in the water. Female peacocks, they make their noises, it sounds like they are saying, RAPE!! So they kept saying rape, rape. It was so stupid but we were all doubled over because it was a wedding scene. They are like, do you take this woman to be your lawful wedded wife ― “RAPE!” It was so stupid.

We’re going to assume that’s the most you laughed during filming?

During our Brazilian food lunch, because we had to sit and eat that nasty meat for days and some of the girls are vegetarians so we had this spit bucket. So we were like can I spit this gray chicken out now? It was so disgusting. But after a while of being hot and uncomfortable and eating this nasty meat, you get really punchy and you don’t care anymore and you all feel like you’re drunk just from being so tired. During that scene, that’s when the crew cracked up the most. When your whole crew doubles over, that’s pretty significant.


One of the funniest scenes in the movie is your scene on the plane with Ellie Kemper. How did you keep a straight face?

I didn’t. At one point she goes, ‘…and we each take showers, and then I call my mom for awhile and then he calls his mom for awhile and then we take another shower and then sometimes we almost have sex and then we start reading out loud from ‘The Da Vinci Code’ and we get side tracked.’ I’m like this poor girl, she married Winnie the Pooh, they’re not having any sex. It was hilarious. She’s a funny girl, that one.

If you could sit next to anyone on a flght who would it be?

My husband, because he scratches my back and massages my hand and generally spoils me rotten when we are on a plane. I don’t have to do anything, he just takes care of me. He is the best stewardess there is. Conversation wise, I’d have to say Oprah Winfrey.

Your character is dying for a night out and because of her kids, she is in need of some heat and passion. In your personal life, after being married for 15 years, how do you find the time to spice up your love life?

It’s gotten better and I think it’s because we don’t have kids. That’s a lot of it. And because I travel, it gives us a lot to talk about when I come home. So when we go on date nights, it’s not boring. We’re not talking about, oh, did you buy stamps today, oh, the washing machine is broken. We don’t talk about dull things, so he can still be interesting to me and I can be interesting to him. I think that feeds a lot of it.

Do you believe time apart is important in a relationship?

Yeah. Have time apart and have your own interests, so when you come back together you can have that conversation. You can’t lose the parts of yourself that were so interesting in the first place, there was a reason you found each other irresistible, so don’t lose that.


While doing interviews we’re sure people asked you a million questions about the Royal Wedding. But playing one of the bridesmaids in this film, what do you think of Pippa Middleton?

I think she’s gorgeous. She’s very lucky she got to wear a pretty bridesmaids dress. She was so gorgeous she stole focus from the bride. I do understand Kate had certain obligation to look a certain way. One thing I do love about the Royals is that they didn’t load it down with a bunch of bridesmaids. They had those little flower girls and those little boys, one bridesmaid and one groomsman and I think that’s appropriate. It’s hard to have all those poeple up there with you. Come on, planning a wedding, let’s be honest, it’s not fun. It’s not fun being in a wedding. I’d say Pippa handled everything beautifully, but of course those pictures came out and that’s sort of embarrassing for the family. But on the day she looked beautiful and she was very gracious.

If you could organize anyone’s bachelorette party, who would it be?

Kristin Wiig’s wedding. When she gets engaged I want to be in on that party. That girl knows how to have a good time. In fact she took us on a research trip, but it was just a fun night for all the ladies in the cast and crew. She took us to a place called Hollywood Men for an adult ladies’ showcase of beefy men and it was pretty hilarious. It’s not even so much watching the guys, it’s more watching the girls watch the guys. It’s so funny watching the women lose their minds.

What’s your favorite line that you improvised in this movie?

I had a whole run about my ungrateful children and I hope it makes it into the DVD because it didn’t make it into the film. I was talking about how my brat boys had taken a picture of me bending over in shorts at a picnic. They presented it to me in a frame for Mother’s Day and the greeting on the frame says, ‘Happy Mother’s Day Ham Slacks.’

Has anyone shared a wild bridesmaids story with you yet? If so, can you share?

I’ve heard so many horrible ones. There was one male stripper that came to my friend’s bachelorette party, he did his sad little dance, then he started talking about how he had this head injury, then he just keep repeating the story over and over and over again. It became apparent that he had a head injury. It just got so sad after awhile. He took all of the fun out of the whole night. He started talking about how he wanted to be an actor, but they were like when you’re done dancing, you have to go. Take your money and go.