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While the world is focused on Arnold Schwarzenegger, has anyone stopped to think about what his love child is going through right now?

Finding out that your mother, the maid, had sex with the “Terminator” is hard enough, but to find out that you’re the direct result of that affair could shatter a child’s world.

To get a better glimpse of the child’s mindstate, we reached out to one of the most popular child psychologists on Twitter, Dr. Leah Klungness.

With almost 30,000 followers, her voice is one of the most trusted online. She is also the author of the best selling self help book ever written for single parents called “The Complete Single Mother,” as well as the creator of

According to Dr. Leah, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s affair “reinforces the image of powerful men with no boundaries taking advantage in the crudest and most primitive way of women.”

We wanted to know what Arnold’s 13-year-old love child is going through right now and Dr. Leah explained, “The first obstacle this child will have is that although he’s called a love child, he’s not conceived in love. This child was conceived from coercion, domination of a woman just trying the best she can just to put food on the table.” 

When a child is the result of coercion and domination of a woman, they are likely to wonder about their place in the world. Dr. Leah reminded us of the love we got from our mothers and fathers saying, “We’re often told ‘because mom and dad wanted you’ and ‘mom and dad loved you very much’ and some variation of ‘you were a special gift’. This child is burdened by ‘I was unwanted. I’m an international embarrassment. What is my place as I’m in puberty now?'”

It is likely that this kid has been ripped out of school and had his whole life turned upside down by the affair. It’s a lot for a child to deal with and he probably needs professional help, because family alone might not do the job. Also, based on how much the kid looks like Arnold Schwarzenegger, he might not be able to blend into a crowd of children without others taking notice of his status. 

This child had to look at his mother knowing the “price of her secrecy was Arnold paying the bills.”

While we may never know what is truly going on inside the mind of Arnold’s love child, one thing is for sure: it’s a sad story that won’t get better overnight.