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Did Mildred Baena seduce Arnold Schwarzenegger? Reports are saying Arnold’s baby mother Mildred was obsessed with Maria Shriver and wore her clothes and jewelry. She even had sex with Arnold in the married couple’s bed.

TMZ reports Mildred, “would dress in Maria’s clothing and even wear her jewelry around town.” Maria noticed on one occasion that a piece of jewelry was missing and interviewed the staff about it.

Maria might have even gave Mildred love advice about Arnold. Sources say that Mildred asked Maria for some love advice while the two were pregnant and Maria graciously gave her housekeeper advice.

Arnold also paid for a stellar party for Mildred’s sister who was also a housekeeper for the Schwarzeneggers. All of Arnold’s kids were there, including Arnold’s bastard love child. Arnold spoke at the party saying he wanted to continue to “take care” of the family. If this is true it only fuels Mildred’s obsession, which lead to her bragging to her friends, saying she was more of a wife to Arnold than Maria.

This whole thing just keeps getting messier. Stay tuned to GlobalGrind for more information.


Photo of the party Arnold paid for, with this love child highlighted with an arrow.


Was Arnold a bit too arrogant and comfortable with the lies?


Arnold lifts a baby while dressed up as Santa.

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