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Lil Wayne and his “father” Birdman sure know how to blow their money fast, but that seems to be a part of their lifestyle.

Lil Wayne is no stranger to buying expensive things that he could possibly live without, but when you’re getting paid big bucks, it’s only right that you spend big.

The whole YMCMB (Young Money Cash Money Billionaire) crew rap about blowing money fast, sing about blowing money fast and actually blow their money fast.

Lil Wayne and Drake hit the strip club this past Memorial Day Weekend with a stack of $250,000 worth of single one dollar bills. Lil Wayne and Drake made it rain all night and day on the strippers in the club.

Strippers aren’t the only thing Lil Wayne blows his money on. Last year, Lil Wayne bought Birdman a $1.5 million dollar Maybach Benz for no reason than to say “I love you.”

Speaking of Birdman, apparently he has so much confidence in the basketball abilities of the NBA team Miami Heat that he bet $2 million on them winning the championship. Now, if that isn’t blowing money, GlobalGrind doesn’t know what is.

Check out all the celebs who are member of the “BMF” (Blowing Money Fast) Club on the next few pages! 


Birdman obviously has money to blow. Sitting courtside of his favorite NBA team, Birdman bet $2 million that Miami Heat will win the championship. 

That isn’t the only time Birdman has put up millions. He gave his “son” Lil Wayne a million dollars cash in a Louis Vuitton briefcase. Talk about ballin’.


Rihanna loves to party hard and she doesn’t hold back when she’s having a good time. Rihanna hit the club with a huge entourage of people and spent $22,000 on just liquor alone!  


Beyonce “loves her some Jay-Z,” so much so that she bought him a $1.3 million Bugatti car as a token of her love.  


Jay-Z knows how to shop for his wife Beyonce. This past Christmas, he bought Bey $350,000 worth of Hermes-Birkin bags. 


Drake is a part of the hip-hop label Young Money and money is no problem to him. Drake had a fun night with the Young Money crew and spent $200,000 on 16 bottles of Dom Perignon, 23 bottles of Fiji water, tons of Red Bull and 4 bottles of Vueve Clicquot. 


MC Hammer is probably the most notorious music artist who knows how to blow money. With an entourage of 40 dancers, assistants and wing men, Hammer’s monthly payroll was a little over $500,000 a month. He quickly went bankrupt, blowing most of his money keeping his entourage clothed and fed.