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Behind every great song is a fire producer and with that said, hip-hop duo Nez and Rio come in to add a little spice and a lot of swag to Chicago’s hip-hop scene with their track “Good Hood (Louder).”

Raised in the Southside of Chicago, Nesbitt Wesonga and Mario Loving are the next big producers coming out of the windy city. Nez and Rio released their song “Good Hood” which is one of many tracks off their debut EP “Let’s Get Ill.”

The producing duo have created tracks for artists like Mikkey Halsted and Naledge of the group Kidz In The Hall. 

Nez and Rio get swaggy as they get “louder” on “Good Hood.” Nez raps, “I’m cold minus 100 degrees/Me speak-a-no English/If you not talking about cheese.” Rio picks up where Nez leaves off, “This is was dope is/flow is ferocious/ my sh*t so potent/it’s louder.”

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Check out “Good Hood” below!