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LeAnn Rimes is sexy! A couple of days ago she sent out a twitpic of her in a bikini and people started saying she is too skinny. Well, I want to say maybe people are just too fat. Being too skinny is like people saying you have too much money and that’s a problem I want to have.

In my humble opinion, being skinny equals sexy. Models from across the world showcase their slim frames to sell the best clothing, because skinny equal sexy. People eat salads for lunch because they know skinny equals sexy.

Still the great thing about sexy, is that curvy equals sexy as well. So while you’re sitting home thinking of some clever tweet to send LeAnn Rimes about her weight, why not rethink your witty use of 140 characters and figure out how you can be sexy.

Raven Symone did! Jordin Sparks did! Even Jill Scott shed a few pounds to become super duper sexy, but she’s still a big girl. 

You see when it comes to weight, there is no need to be judgemental, jealous or envious. Just be you. As long as you’re you, you’re doing something right. That’s what makes you sexy.

Which means once you start calling women like LeAnn Rimes a toothpick, you’re not winning. If you look at Raven Symone and think yuck, only dogs like bones, you’re not hurting anyone but yourself.

It’s this failure to love yourself that has women like 67-year-old Virginia Humphrey going to drastic measures that could lead to death.

Who is Virginia Humphrey? Well read this:

A former nurse is believed to have starved to death after her weight plummeted by 182 pounds in just seven months, following a gastric bypass.
Virginia Humphrey, shrank from 294lbs to 112lbs after undergoing the keyhole surgery last September.

Daily Mail

While Virginia’s story is a tragedy, we can’t help but want everyone to love themselves. Whether skinny, thick, chubby, or obese, you are amazing! 

You are beautiful just the way you are and don’t let anyone tell you differently.

~ BlogXilla


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