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Adrian Kali Turner is a star on the rise.

This 14-year-old is not only featured on television shows like “iCarly” and “Flashforward,” but he has also worked with A-List stars like Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake for his new movie “Bad Teacher.”

If you have seen the promo trailer for “Bad Teacher” Adrian is the kid alongside Jason Segel, hilariously arguing over LeBron James.

Adrian stopped by the GlobalGrind offices to talk with us about all the things going for him. He may be a big movie star now, but he still loves DC comics, dancing and volunteering.

Check out the interview we had with Adrian below:

So how did you hook up with “Bad Teacher”? How did you find out about the role?

Well, my agents sent me up with the audition and originially I auditioned for a different role. After that audition, they called me and said, ‘Hey we want you to do this other role.’ So I said, ‘OK cool.’ In the beginning they only wanted me for 3 weeks. But they saw me do my thing and they wanted me for longer. That Jason Segel thing in the trailer, originally I didn’t have that line they just wanted me to try it out. It ended up in the trailer and I thought that would happen.

So how did that add onto the process? Do you really like Lebron James?

I sort of thought about that, but I mean LeBron James is a superstar of our generation but Michael Jordan is a legend. They both have their advantages and disadvantages, so I like both.

Who was the most fun on set?

You mean out of Cameron Diaz, Justin Timberlake? I have to say, they were all pretty cool, but the funniest was Jason Segal. He was always cracking jokes and hanging out with us kids. He’s just an awesome guy.


Have you had a bad teacher before?

Yes, my teachers in my middle schools are mentally insane, with home school, I would be given assignments. But then some of my teachers would be like, do this whole thing over again and give you a score that they’re satisfied with. I’m trying to focus on another subject and trying to do this, but they want me to do my whole portfolio over.

What would be your dream role?

Another comical role, but a superhero or something like that.

Who is your favorite superhero?

That’s a hard one man, I’m a big comic book fan. Maybe Green Lantern or Flash.

We could see you as the Flash. You also play Dwayne Jones in the “Walking Dead.” It’s one of our favorite shows, so tell us how was it working on that set?

On the set, it was so awesome, everyone was cool. I learned so much from Mr. James, he’s on the show “Jericho” and another thing called “Snitch,” something like that I think. And so on set his trailer was right next to mine, so I would see the zombies before and after. It was kind of freaky.


If your mother turned into a zombie what would you do?

You know what, I thought about it and a lot of people ask me that. I would cut off her arms and legs have her in the house with me or just kill her. You know I wouldn’t want her to suffer or just keep her outside my house.

Just like ‘Walking Dead’ you kept her outside?

But if she tried to eat me, I would have to kill her.

You go to a performing arts school, if you could pitch an idea for your own sitcom, what would it be?

You know what, probably something that has to do with comics. Maybe with this school and the kids dream about the superheroes and they become them. That would be pretty cool.

There are a bunch of comic book superhero movies out or coming out like “X-men” and “Spiderman,” if you had 15 bucks, which one would you go see?

I’ve already seen “Green Lantern,” but I would see it again. I’m not a big Marvel fan, I’m a DC guy.

What’s the difference between DC and Marvel?

You can jump into the comic and instantly know everything. You can read that and know what you need to know. I feel with Marvel you have to read a bunch to kind of get the whole flow of things.


“ICarly” is one of our favorite shows. How fun was it working with Miranda Cosgrove and the rest of the cast?

Everyone was amazing. Between scenes me and Nathan Kriss, the one who plays Freddy, were playing Halo. He totally pumped at that game, he is amazing. So we all had fun and Jennette Mccurdy, small world, her brother actually married my teacher. So we were like small world, it was weird that her brother ended up marrying my teacher.

What’s your favorite game to play on Xbox?

Black Ops maybe, Bioshock 2 is the stuff. I can’t wait until Modern Warfare 3 comes out. I just got Assassin Creed Brotherhood, I can’t wait to play that.

Cool, what’s your favorite song out other then Tank because we know you are a Tank fan?

Doomstep and “All of the Lights” by Kanye West and Rihanna. Also Wiz Khalifa.

How do you discover your music? Especially your music choice, how do you have time when you are playing Xbox, doing “ICarly” and “Walking Dead.” How do you discover music like that?

You know what, I discovered Tank because I heard that one song he did with Chris Brown and him called “Foreplay.” I was hooked on that for a minute because one of my friends played it for me. Then they told me, ‘hey there’s a genre of music called Doomstep and I scanned the record and was like dang this is tight.’


When your friends see “Bad Teacher,” what will they say to you?

They’ll probably say, ‘Hey Adrian I saw the movie you were in and you were great’ or something like that. I don’t know, because when we were in the dance studio, once they found out everyone was like, ‘Adrian I saw you in the trailer or I thought that was a look a like.’ I told them, hey that was me!

So you dance and sing as well, how did you discover dance?

Well I work with this organization called AETC where you go and perform and you meet managers and that’s how I got started. I meet this guy name Edom Clate. He’s definitely one of my biggest inspirations. He’s an awesome guy and sort of like a big brother to me. He introduced me to dance, going to a dance studio and taking classes. So that’s how I got into it.

Who is the coolest celebrity you have met?

Maybe Ben Stiller. He was like the first big celebrity I met. I was so starstruck and he shook my hand. I’ll never forget that moment.

You are going to do a show in two weeks “Apartment 23”?

Yes, “Apartment 23” is going to be on ABC and I’m in the first episode of it. It’s with Krysten Ritter and Dreama Walker, Krysten lives in the aparment and Dreama is moving to New York for the first time but Krysten is giving her a hard time.

You have a guest spot on the show?

Well, I am in the first episode, so I don’t know if I’m coming back or not coming back. But it’s in for future talk.