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The Cool Kids kick it at the “Gas Station” with Bun B

The Cool Kids released another hot track off their upcoming album “When Fish Ride Bicycles.” 

The guys enlisted the talents of rap legend Bun B on their base drum riddled beat and the cool and calm track “Gas Station” utilizes the simplicity of drum cadences and flutes as a mystery man sings the hook with “bops, baas and doo-wops.” 

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Bun B kicks off “Gas Station” as he spits, “Yo, what’s crackin’ for the night?/I got a man we can hook up something tight/just make a right, into the gas station.” 

Chuck Inglish and Sir Michael Rocks come through on the track with their cool witty lyrics. Reminiscing about their times visiting random gas stations, Chuck Inglish and Michael Rocks kill the track as the coolest kids in the game. 

Take a listen below!