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As we await the finished product of Frank Ocean’s Watch the Throne feature, we’ve got a fresh taste of the Odd Future crooner in an unofficial drop entitled “Dream Killas.”

You have to be living in a dream world when you’re studio sessions, especially if you’re making dope music with Yeezy and Jay.

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If only those “Swim Good” skills came in handy in Frank’s sleep as he battles nightmares. Obviously, the song carries a metaphoric meaning.

Frank’s trying to shed the negative playa haters in his life before they crush his dreams, just like he shed the Twitter beef and fled the drama of social networking.

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Lonnie B kills the chorus singing, “I’m running as fast as my mind will let me, I’m running, I’m gunning, dream killas on the hunt for me.”

The leaked track is suspected to be produced by Midi Mafia, a duo Frank has worked closely with since his first solo works.

Listen to Mr. Ocean’s perils with the nightmare hunters in “Dream Killas.”

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