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Finally, we get a glimpse of Tyler, the Creators softer side!

Obviously, Tyler has a weird way of showing women that he likes them, as seen in his video “She” with Frank Ocean. But contrary to popular belief, Tyler actually isn’t emotionless.

Although Tyler spits insults to the girl of his dreams and calls her a c*nt on his song “She,” he actually wants positive attention from the ladies.

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Tyler’s approach to women isn’t exactly the most effective, but there may be a method to his madness. 

In a recent interview with Respect magazine, Tyler admits that he disses Rihanna and makes fun of her domestic violence situation, but that he actually really likes her. 

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Tyler spilled the beans to Respect, “I like Rihanna, I think she’s really beautiful and talented, and I respect her, and I really want to meet her.”

“When I actually do meet her, it’s gonna be really weird, because I’m a fan even though I made fun of her getting beat up a couple times — on my album,” Tyler continued. 

There’s no telling what Rihanna’s reaction will be if she ever runs into Tyler, but GlobalGrind is pretty sure he’ll find someone to love him back. 

Check out all the girls we think Tyler could hook up with on the next few pages!


Maybe one day Tyler, the Creator will get to meet his celebrity crush Rihanna.


Could Porcelain Black be the girl of Tyler’s dreams?


Vashtie, a woman with beauty and brains, is just what Tyler is looking for.


Lindsay Lohan is a true bad girl & she could definitely handle Tyler, the Creator’s bad boy swag.


Taylor Momsen is just as bad ass as Tyler, the Creator. They’d be perfect together!


Chanel Iman‘s great smile and bod would have Tyler falling in love!


Country pop singer Taylor Swift is exactly what Tyler needs to balance his misfit raps. 


Lola Monroe would be great for Tyler, or maybe she’s a little too much woman?


We’re sure Miley Cyrus is sexy enough for Tyler’s taste.