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Lil Wayne joins everyone else and their mama in “Marvin’s Room,” but he isn’t singing about no love sh*t, he’s talking about bedroom boomin’ in “Marvin’s Room.” 

NEW MUSIC: Lil Wayne Brings “Tunechi’s Back”

Off his latest mixtape, Sorry 4 The Wait, Lil Wayne boasts about his bedroom skills over “Marvin’s Room”‘s soft and calm beat. 

EXCLUSIVE: Lil Twist & Lil Wayne’s Alter Egos Grab Stripper Booty

Recounting a sexual encounter with a girl named “Dana,” Lil Wayne gets wild and crazy in “Marvin’s Room.” 

Lil Wayne giggles as he re-lives his sexual encounter and raps, “I ain’t a killer, but don’t push me/ I OJ Simpson that p*ssy.” 

Lil Wayne goes on to continue, “I don’t know about you/but I’ma peace of mind/she said she waitin’ for Tha Carter to 69. 

Take a listen to Lil Wayne’s “Marvin’s Room” freestyle below!