The Daily Grind Video

With YouTube taking over the planet and everyone deciding to become videographers, one thing has not gotten old and that’s videos of cute kids.

From dancing to singing and everything else in between, when you see children on YouTube being nothing short of utterly adorable, it’s hard to suppress an “aww.”

But in this case, you might be chuckling instead as the two toddlers in this video go head to head arguing over something that isn’t exactly clear. But things don’t need to be clear and logical in kiddie world do they? All that matters is who’s older because you know what they say about age and wisdom.

In this video, the little girl clearly has the upper hand because she’s four, as she screams “I am four. You are not four!” And as if all child arguments don’t end the same way, this adorable spat between toddlers finishes with the ever popular, “I’m gonna tell your mom.” 

Kids say the darnedest things, don’t they?