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Check out a $30K white iPhone, the “Call Of Juarez” trailer and much more, only in today’s iGRIND. Enjoy!

What: Morphogenetic Field Device Little Boy 

Made By: Dtagno

What It Does: Helps graffiti writers paint on trains.

GG Certified: Dtagno is a Berlin-based graffiti artist who has created a new way to paint trains as they pass. Called Morphogenetic Field Device Little Boy, the device is a vertical pole with 22 spray cans that zebra-stripe passing vehicles. This isn’t the German artist’s first machine, though. Previously, he made something similar to the one you’re looking at. Skip to 3:35 to see the machine in action!


What: An App based resume

Made By: Sahas Katta

What It Does: Leaves the one page resume in the past.

GG Certified: One page resumes are the thing of the past, just ask Sahas Kattas, founder and CEO of Skatter Tech, an online publication covering tech news and creator of the My Tracks app. This app gained media attention after Kattas proved in court that he was not speeding as a ticketing police officer had claimed. Kattas latest offering is a resume modeled after the interface of Windows 7, allowing potential employers to go to his online resume/portfolio as well as his social media circles. So far, 30,000 people have seen his resume through his app. 


What: “Call of Juarez: The Cartel” multiplayer player trailer.

Made By: Techland/UbiSoft.

GG Certified: This trailer for “Call of Juarez” is CRAZY! At only 1:48, it tells you all you need to know about the violent drug game in the Southwest, if you are to believe Techland and Ubisoft positions on Latinos. Anyhow, you can play in several modes if you opt to buy the game on July 19.  You can play as a criminal, a cop, a star witness or a death squad. Trailer after the break!


Call of Juarez trailer.


What: Gresso Lady Blance White iPhone

Made by: Gresso

What It Does: Pretty much the same thing as other iPhones.

Costs: $30,000.00

GG Certified: Gresso is a company that tricks out a reasonably priced gadget and then resells them for ridiculous amounts of money to people who have a ridiculous amount of money. Their latest offering is a solid diamond-coated iPhone with mineral glass backing, three independent Swiss clocks and pearl dials. If you got it, might as well buy it. Only $30K. 



What: The Facebook Phone (HTC Status on AT&T)

Made by: Facebook/HTC

What It Does: Lets you access Facebook with a click of a button, like magic!

GG Certified: This is an Android phone running Gingerbread 2.3.3 with a blue Facebook button on the bottom. The phone features a 2.6-inch (480 x 320) display, a 5-megapixel rear-facing camera, a front-facing VGA camera, an 800MHz processor and Bluetooth 3.0 and Wi-Fi. No word on pricing at this moment. And there you have it. The Facebook phone. Enjoy.

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