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Lil Wayne is on fire and it doesn’t seem like he’ll cool off anytime soon.

We can’t help but notice that ever since Weezy dropped his hot new mixtape Sorry 4 The Wait, the temperature all over America has skyrocketed.

OFFICIAL MIXTAPE: Lil Wayne: “Sorry 4 The Wait” 

Surely, Wayne must be the reason!

With a career as in demand as Weezy’s, there are few albums more anticipated than The Carter IV. When we take a look back, we realize that Wayne has always brought the heat with him.

When Wayne was just 15 years old, he joined the Hot Boyz and began to hone his lyrical ability. He worked with some of the most popular cats in the industry: Manny Fresh, Juvenile and Baby.

In 1999, Weezy continued to light up the scene when he put out his debut album, the platinum selling compilation, Tha Block Is Hot. With follow up albums, Lights Out and 500 degreez, Wayne continued to solidify his future spot as one of the greatest, as well as one of the hottest. 

It was not long before Wayne’s popularity grew to be unstoppable. At one point, with hit songs like “Go DJ,”  “Lollipop,” “Fireman,” “Playing With Fire” and “A Milli,” the New Orleans superstar just could not be beat.

Even after he took a year off and came out of jail, he got right back to work.

Wayne takes his craft seriously, he decided a long time ago that he would be one of the best and now he is. He is a “Fire Flame Spitter” and not even the likes of legends such as Jay-Z and Kanye West could deny that.

Weezy F. Baby is scorching and after The Carter IV comes out, we’re pretty much 100 percent positive his heatwave will be blistering.

So, get ready for the fire!

In the pages that follow, take a look at Lil Wayne growing into his success over the years.


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Lil Wayne has become unstoppable in the Music Industry.

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