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The Smith family has definitely found a way to stay close, regardless of every successful side project they have going on.

Willow Smith recently released a set of black and white photos of her family in their most intimate moments and it’s easy to see why the Smith family is so close knit. 

Will Smith Is A Proud Parent At Son Trey’s Graduation (PHOTOS)

We can truly see the love that everyone has for each other.

Aside from the First Family, the Smiths take the cake for our favorite famous family. Each photo features each member of the family.

Jada Pinkett-Smith and Will Smith are seen with Willow as she plays the piano. Willow and Jaden Smith do a photo shoot together and Trey Smith is also seen on the day of his graduation.

Click through to see the beautiful photos of the Smiths. 



Willow and Jaden team up for a fly photo.


Jada and Willow sharing a mommy and daughter moment.


Jada helping Willow get ready to go out.


Willow is so proud of her big brother, Trey, on his graduation day.


Willow and Will have a moment together on Father’s Day.