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Flash robbing is a new trend that is getting way out of hand, very quickly.

This is not to be confused with a ‘flashmob,’ where a group of people meet in a designated place and perform a dance number.

This new craze involves a group of people bum-rushing a retail store, grabbing everything they can and running out.

It’s the definition of a smash and grab job. No weapons are used in this operation of “flashrobbing,” it’s a get in and get out activity.

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Is it because our economy is struggling or are people are just bored?

In Georgetown, Washington, a group of men and women robbed a Victoria’s Secret lingerie store after organizing a ‘flashrob’ through Facebook and Twitter. The group entered the high-end lingerie store and stole products within seconds.

This may be the newest trend catching on, but it is illegal and anyone participating in any “flashrob” will be prosecuted. After all, if you enter into a ‘flashrob’ using Facebook or Twitter, authorities will find you.

Take a look at a collection of ‘flashrob’ attempts and fails.


Flashrobbing An Apple Store:

In 31 seconds flat, these group of young punks took down an Apple store in Marlton, N.J.


Flash Robbing Gone Crazy:

Flash robbing is fastly becoming a dangerous trend.


Flash Rob Takes Down Victoria’s Secret:

Brazen teens take down a Washington D.C. Victoria’s Secret.

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