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Southern rapper Yelawolf doesn’t give a f*ck when he’s up in the club with Lil Jon. 

Lil Jon co-signs as Yelawolf goes H.A.M. on Tha Hydrox-produced beat.

“Hard White (Up In The Club)” is Yelawolf’s first official single off his debut solo album Radioactive since being signed with Shady Records/Ghet-O-Vision/Interscope. 

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With Lil Jon’s hype-man adlibs and Yelawolf’s semi-automatic spitting flow, “Hard White” goes as hard as its title. 

Yelawolf raps, “Baby what’s wrong with you now/What you ain’t happy with red bottoms/mad cuz I’m in VIP with a f*ckin jack bottle/with Tom, Dick, and Harry/But I got up in this b*tch with a tank top/cuz I spit so very.”

Take a listen to Yelawolf go hard in “Hard White” below!