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There was drama galore last night on the season finale of the VH1 hit show Single Ladies, but there is even more drama off screen.

InTouch Weekly is reporting that Stacey Dash was not asked to return to the second season of the hit VH1 show.

According to sources, Stacey “feuded with the cast, cancelled promos and caused entirely too much drama.”

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Stacey and Co-star LisaRaye were reportedly involved in a fight on set a few months ago, which ended with Ms. Dash storming off the set.

According to reports, casting has already been underway for her replacement so that they can begin shooting the next season.

It is also rumored that producer Queen Latifah put in the call to fire Stacey herself.

Stacey or Lisa have not shut down any rumors about their alleged beef, so it is up in the air whether or not she will return for the second season.

We love Single Ladies and we hope these two ladies can patch things up in time for the second season!

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LisaRaye and Stacey Dash hanging out at a birthday party.


Stacey Dash and LisaRaye on the hit show Single Ladies.


Stacey Dash stars as Val in the VH1 show Single Ladies.