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We don’t know what it is about celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe, but her newest quotable soundbite that caught us off-guard revolves around her footwear.

Rachel wants it to be known that she is not a fan of sneakers. 

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In a recent interview with Redbook Magazine Zoe said: “I like flats and I adore a high heel, but I don’t love a kitten heel. It’s neither here nor there. And the one shoe I will never wear is sneakers.”

Are you serious?! We love heels and flats just as much as the next woman, but don’t you ever like to be just a little more comfortable? Don’t you ever plan on going to the gym? 

We know that it is a fashion faux pas to always wear sneakers, but as a woman who styles for a living, your opinion on fashion means a lot. 

Granted, it is only one opinion but c’mon, Rachel … never? You have a baby now, we can’t imagine you running around in heels every time you have to do something normal, like take a late night run to the pharmacy for some cough medicine. Then again, you are Rachel Zoe and if there is one thing we know, it’s that you love to look fabulous. 

So in the defense of sneaker wearers around the world, you should take a look at these sneakers and celebrities in them. These women look fly, sneakers and all!

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