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Before La La Anthony tied the knot to Carmelo Anthony, and go on to become an accomplished entrepreneur, she was most known for her great charismatic interviews as a VJ Host on MTV.

PHOTOS: La La Anthony Reveals Her Favorite REAL Basketball Wives

The basketball wife/mother had a chance to share some of her favorite moments as an MTV VJ.
“One was when Tom Cruise came on and he asked me to teach him, well not to teach him, he wanted me to dance with him and we’re like grinding on TRL stage, it was on every magazine, every newspaper like ‘Lala Grinding On Tom Cruise.'”

“It was definitely a big BIG moment. Any time Will Smith comes by it’s a huge moment. I got to go behind the scenes of Tomb Raider, Angelina Jolie’s movie and it was amazing being on set and seeing how that goes.”

“I’ve been there with Justin Timberlake and N’Sync, when there were thousands of kids in Times Square and it was crazy.”

“I’ve been there every time Beyonce has dropped an album or Jay-Z and just saw the craziness of that. There’s so many moments and I’m just glad I was on the frontline for all of them.”

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