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So apparently Kreayshawn really does have a problem with Rick Ross

Just when she had everyone fooled in her recent interview with MTV, Kreayshawn and her White Girl Mob friends hopped on Ustream to say what she “couldn’t” say in her interview with MTV.

Kreayshawn raps about having choppas in her purse, and pumps in her trunk, but we’re pretty sure that she doesn’t really want a problem with Rick Ross or any of his associates. 

VIDEO: Kreashawn Says “No Offense” To Rick Ross

For everyone who thought Kreayshawn made a harmless mistake, and was just trying to rhyme with the word boss, you’ve got it all wrong. 

Kreayshawn revealed on Ustream, that she really wanted to say, “Rick Ross is fake!”

Kreayshawn and her friends talk about Rick Ross’ “titties,” what they think he sounds like while having sex, and him going shirtless all the time. 

VIDEO: Who The F*ck Wants War? Kreayshawn Throws Shots At Rick Ross

The White Girl Mob basically spent three minutes of their day talking sh*t and clowning Rick Ross. 

As her friends hype her up and co-sign with her on the video, Kreayshawn goes on to ask “Can he even find his dick?” 

If Kreayshawn is as trill as she thinks she is, why didn’t she keep it real and not give a phony politically correct answer to MTV?

Her management team probably made her smooth over her diss, but it’s all pointless when she makes follow up videos like this.  

If she’s as real as she claims, she should’ve just kept it real, period. If you think Rick is a fraud, say that sh*t and stick to it. 

Who is she fooling? The more Kreayshawn talks, the more enemies she’s creating. 

But if Kreayshawn can’t keep it real on MTV, how can she call Rick Ross a fake? 

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