Taz Arnold has become known for two things: one is his membership in the three man production group Sa-Ra and the other is his fashion endeavor through his clothing line TI$A.

Now, Taz is attracting more attention for his most recent collaboration with customization extraordinaire Dr Romanelli

Known for his work of taking apart vintage clothing and reassembling the fabric to make jackets and accessories in different silhouettes, Dr. Romanelli’s pieces are highly sought after by the rich, famous and fashionable alike.

It would seem like Taz Arnold, with his style of mixing and matching different styles, and Dr. Romanelli’s customization, is a match made in heaven. Judging by the first looks of their “The Americans” collection; it is, especially if you are a fan of vintage Ralph Lauren. 

Original Polo Ralph Lauren pieces have been commissioned from Taz Arnold’s own archives and reworked with Native American and Cowboy influences. Each piece is definitely a perfect one for any vintage Polo collector, or even if you are just a fan of Romanelli’s work.

Take a look at the promotional video for the collection after the break and some of the pieces from the collection in the gallery. 

Taz Arnold x Dr. Romanelli Present “The Americans” Collection.

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