Kanye West may have taken charge of the music video game, but Aaliyah had the best visuals of her time.

If you want to know what a boss is, you can head over to her VEVO page and find the definition.
Though she was a very beautiful model, Aaliyah had a hard as nails image that made her videos that much more enjoyable.

Among her many talents, Aaliyah was a gifted dancer. Many of her dance sequences can be seen mimicked by artists like Ciara and Keri Hilson in their music videos. In her usual tomboy style, Aaliyah had the ability to outshine a room full of male dancers with her smooth moves.

Who could forget the a capella dance number in “Are You That Somebody”?

From rhinestone-studded bras to baggy pants and trenchcoats, Aaliyah redefined sexy in each of her get ups.

The day Aaliyah died,she was returning to the states after shooting her “Rock the Boat” video in the Bahamas.

Upon the release of the video following her death, many people recognized her ability to produce quality music videos.

GlobalGrind will now take you through our top picks of Aaliyah’s best music videos.

Check them out to see if your favorite made the list!


“Age Ain’t Nothing But a Number” was Aaliyah’s singing debut, written and produced for her by R. Kelly. Pants sagging, shades on, and mobbing with a crew of guys, Aaliyah introduced a less traditional way to deliver a love ballad.


With a killer all-black dance sequence, a hawk, and a cameo by Timbaland, Aaliyah killed it again in “Are You That Somebody”.


From the soundtrack of Aaliyah’s first major movie Romeo Must Die, “Try Again” features her co-star Jet Li showing off some of his martial arts. Aaliyah rocks the infamous rhinestone bra as she leads a set full of men in dance moves.


Rumored to be a love interest of Aaliyah’s, Ginuwine surely plays the part in “One In a Million”.


Her last music video of her young life was shot in the Bahamas on a white yacht. Ever seen an angel under water? Aaliyah was just that in “Rock The Boat”.

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