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Skylar Grey just arrived to the 2011 MTV VMAs, looking beautiful while keeping it rather casual.

We caught up with the “Invisible” singer and got the scoop on her music and her collaboration with Marilyn Manson.

Check it out below!

Skylar, tell us about the meaning behind your new single Invisible and your album Invincible.

Skylar Grey: “Invisible” is the first single on my album and it’s a song about, no matter how hard you try or what extremes you go to, the crazy hairdo that you do or whatever you do, no matter what you do … it feels like nobody is noticing you or seeing who you are inside. It’s this lonely ocean of feeling invisible and I think a lot of people can relate to it in different areas of life. It’s something I felt when I was in sixth grade when my peers weren’t really experiecing the same thing I was, so I was kind of a loner. Then again a couple of years ago when I had given my whole life to music, I spent all of my college education money on demos and moving to L.A. and everything completely fell apart and I was completely broke and that no one was caring about my music.

Marilyn Manson is collaborating on your album, right?

Yeah, so the album is about my transformation into this new person who I call the superhero version of me and I named her Skylar Grey because I went to the woods and lived in isolation for a while and kind of just proved to myself that I could be self sufficient and independent and became invincible. So yeah, Marilyn Manson is featured on my album and he’s the one who came up with my album title. My journey is from “Invisible” to Invincible so he thought I should just have that be the album title.

So you crossover from hip-hop to Marilyn Manson, how do you master that wide of a range?

Well I come from a background that’s very eclectic. I don’t think that my heart necessarily fits in any genre of music. Hip-hop is only a recent thing for me over the next couple of years. So my album is a combination of beats and rock guitars and cinematic sounds. It’s really diverse and experimental.

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