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Odd Future let all their fans know how they do it in their hood of Ladera in Los Angeles, California.

In a 10 minute documentary, Tyler, the Creator and his Odd Future homies take their fans on a mischievous adventure. 

When asked what they like to do in their free time, Odd Future had a few hilarious and extremely sarcastic things to say. 

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Spending a day in the life of Odd Future is quite a unique experience, given that they have no filter and don’t care about receiving stares for their childish antics. 

Krump battles, skateboarding, play fighting and cooking it up to Waka Flocka seem to be on the daily agenda for Odd Future. 

By the end of the documentary, Tyler leads his homies to the mall, where they cause havoc and eventually get kicked out. 

The Odd Future guys are rebels without a cause, but they’re pretty entertaining. 

Check out the documentary below!