Filed under: WearablesYeah, we’ve seen wristwatches that did their duty with nary a hand in sight, but few have looked as striking (or peculiar, we can’t decide) as this one. Truthfully, the Matrix M6001 is arriving to the oversized watch face party a tick too late, but we’re almost willing to forgive the tardiness thanks to its clever method of telling time. Atop the face sits the hours, while minutes (in increments of five and a single 1-4 slot) are listed beneath; put simply, bars on the LCD are lit above the corresponding number(s) as the day whisks away, leaving those freaked out by perpetually moving sticks with nothing to fear. ‘Course, you won’t find this thing for sale on US soil just yet, but it can be had in South Korea for ?69,000 ($74). Now, if only it played Pong…[Via UberReview] Read | Permalink | Email this | Comments

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