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R&B singer Mario is back on the scene with his R&B banger “The Walls.”

In an interview with Rap-Up, Mario hinted that he was teaming up with Brooklyn rapper Fabolous for a hot new single. 

Written by famed songwriter Rico Love, Mario sings about how his lady doesn’t act the same and he can’t figure out why. 

MUSIC: Mario Says Come To “My Bed”

According to Mario, if “The Walls” could talk, they’d say a slew of amazing things about his leading lady. 

The smooth R&B track is a chill tune that’s perfect for the bedroom. 

Rapper Fabolous comes through on the track with his witty lyrics. 

Fabolous raps, “Excuse me your honor/I’m calling a witness/If ya’ll don’t believe me/the walls are my witness/They done seen things/in the wall of the business.”

Take a listen to the R&B banger below!