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Dark skinned girls don’t look better than light skinned girls.

That has been the myth people have believed for years. So much so, that little dark skinned children are getting tormented over their skin color.

KELLY ROWLAND “I Didn’t Want To Be Me”

Our own Kelly Rowland revealed that she wished she had fairer skin. Hell, my own daughter has gloated to me about being light skinned and I had to explain the whole color thing to her so she won’t be one of those.

You know those women who have ‘Ms. Hot And Sexy Light Skinned Bougie Dime’ as their tag line on Twitter.

I actually have a girl on my friend list who calls herself ‘Ms. Light Skinned Mulatto,’ like it’s not obvious by the pictures of your parents you posted, but I digress.

The whole color thing is out of control. But do light skinned girls have an advantage over dark skinned women?

I’ll admit it’s hard for me to answer that question since I am neither a light skinned or a dark skinned women. I asked some of my friends who had a lot to say about this topic and most of them say yes.

One of them said light skinned women with long hair and pretty eyes get everything they want. Another said socially light skinned girls have it easier.

Super producer Maestro said, “Lighter skinned people get preferential treatment in every culture. It’s a mark of the upper class and carries stereotypes of higher education and better grooming.” He then added, “Any feature that ties a person to the “ruling class” (in the case of the US, Whites) is considered favorable.”

While the wise words of Maestro do make sense, is that why it’s commonly accepted that light skinned women have it better than their darker counterparts?

All I know is that while light skinned girls might be in more music videos and men’s magazines, there is a dark skinned woman in the white house who we call the First Lady.

So why can’t we just call the light skinned vs. dark skinned thing a tie?

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