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And the Rick RossKreayshawn beef continues. 

In XXL magazine’s October issue, Karen Civil reports that Rick Ross has some not so nice words to say about the “Gucci Gucci” rapper. 

As we all know, at the 2011 MTV VMA awards, Rick Ross’ camp and Kreayshawn’s camp exchanged a few heated words while backstage. 

VIDEO: Oh No! Rick Ross & Kreayshawn Get Into A Fight At 2011 MTV VMAs

When asked about Kreayshawn and the freestyle she spit on Cosmic Kev’s radio show, Rick Ross had this to say:

“I can’t wait to slap the sh*t out of whoever carries her bags. And I hope it’s her n*gga. Dirty B*tch. You better know the f*ck you’re talking about. I’ll pay 50k to mess up your whole week.”

Kreayshawn’s been finding herself in trouble lately, but hopefully Rick Ross was just venting.

We don’t want him to have another Vlad TV incident. Last time Rick Ross got in a fight, he had to pay the guy from Vlad TV $300k. 

XXL’s October issue hit newsstands September 20.