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Everyone knows that Diggy Simmons is currently the most swaggy member of the royal Simmons family.

Not to negate or take away from anyone else in the family, but Diggy is THAT dude. 

VIDEO: Diggy Simmons “Copy, Paste”

He has to be the coolest 16-year-old GlobalGrind knows, and quite frankly we’re still amazed at how f*cking dope he is. 

Everything from his rhymes and music to his dress game and style, all of which is extremely proper, Diggy is all around cold. 

Earlier today GlobalGrind posted Diggy’s new track “Just Begun” and as soon as the beat dropped, we knew that Diggy was here to stay. 

EXCLUSIVE: Diggy Simmons Has The Hots For A Red Hot Celebrity

We never doubted Diggy’s talent, but there’s something about hearing a kid grow into a young man, it just feels so right.

GlobalGrind wants to celebrate Diggy and his career. He’s an amazing young man whose humility isn’t overshadowed by his swag. 

So today, GlobalGrind is paying homage to Diggy for one reason only. He deserves it. 

If you didn’t get a chance to listen to Diggy’s new smash hit “Just Begun,” then check him out below!