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GlobalGrind caught up with beautiful British singer and super fashionista Eliza Doolittle during London Fashion Week. Eliza clued us in on her thoughts about the shows, what’s she’s looking forward to for Spring 2012 and much more!

Here’s what she told us:

GlobalGrind: What were your impressions of London Fashion Week?

Eliza Doolittle: It was a thrill! I love getting dressed up. I’m a huge fan of style and expression through clothing and I got to go see my favorite designers showing off their brand new designs.

Did you see anything you like or that stood out? If so, which designer was it from?

Mark Fast is always a favorite of mine, pretty much everything he makes is right up my street. This season House of Holland blew me away! All my favorite kind of colors and he was really spunky when it came to trying new things. I love the individuality Henry Holland has.  

I also loved the little crop raincoats Mulberry made and very cute denim shorts with crystal flowers at the Christopher Kane show. Julian MacDonald designed some exquisitely beautiful dresses with the most incredible embroidery that dropped my jaw.

Will you attend Milan or Paris Fashion Week?

No, I am in the studio. I was lucky to get to see some of these shows in London. I got to keep my head down on my second record!

What’s irksome about attending LFW?

Nothing really, but one thing I would say is that all the shows should, maybe, try to be in one borough so you get to see more! 

What are your essentials for the shows? For example, what do you absolutely need in order to survive the chaos?

Just my phone. Making sure I don’t get lost! 

You made several changes while out and about at the shows. How did you manage to do that?

Ah, it was so much fun! I just popped home or to my office! 

Did you change on location?

Once in the car! I think the taxi driver saw my boobies! 

Covent Garden is being branded as a new shopping destination in London. When in London, where do you like to shop?

I always thought Covent Garden was great for shopping. I like Portobello, Camden and Carnaby St.

What are you looking forward to for Spring 2012?

Getting to wear all the beautiful clothes I’ve been seeing!

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