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Superstar Gerard Butler‘s sexy accent has everyone everyone smitten from his hometown of Paisley, Scotland all the way to Beverly Hills, California where he was last night.

Gerard was on the west coast for the premiere of his upcoming movie Machine Gun Preacher where he stars alongside the beautiful Michelle Monaghan. The premiere took place at the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences where he looked dapper in a grey suit.

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Gerard plays Sam Childers in the film, a former drug-dealing biker with an addictive personality. We were lucky enough to catch up with Gerard as his movie is set to hit theaters tomorrow night. Check out our exclusive!

GlobalGrind: Your character Sam is obsessed with a lot of things in Machine Gun Preacher, so what are you currently obsessed with?

Gerard Butler: I think that I have many obsessions that many years of therapy haven’t quite gotten rid off. But they say I have been diagnosed and that I had them (laughs). Too many details, but the main one is three letters, begins with S and ends with X! No, I’m joking I’m joking! I get obsessed with in truth many things, I have many obsessions that have led me down some winding dark roads and many that have brought me to the place that I’m at today and that’s because I really grab on to them with both hands and bite in to them and that’s me, I’m gone. And this was one of them actually, this movie. I mean I get obsessed with roles without a doubt especially when that role you feel is very impactful and has a message like this movie.

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