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Tika Sumpter is bumping Metta Word Peace out of the running as Queens, NY’s most talked about native with her new cover of Vibe Vixen.

The former soap opera actress opens up to Vibe Vixen about her adolescent years as a prune Polly, growing up in a single parent home and her role as Jenna on The Game.

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The most powerful bit of the article is Tika’s admittance of her struggle with the beauty standard in Hollywood, and succumbing to the pressures to be perfect.

Tika on the pressures of “maintaining a standard” of beauty:
I think there’s pressure on everybody; let’s not deceive ourselves. It’s definitely a beauty business. It [matters] how your face looks, how your body looks, how everything looks. The blogs and magazines will be quick to show what’s wrong with a person…

Tika on succumbing to the pressures:
Of course, of course. People don’t go to see George Clooney because he’s ugly. They don’t go see Michael Ealy because he’s not the cutest guy on the block. They go to see a beautiful, strong-looking man. Of course you go see them because they’re acting and everything, but it’s a fantasy. […] I don’t believe that everybody has to live up to this Hollywood beauty standard, because everybody’s not that.

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We respect Tika for speaking out on a subject sensitive to so many people.

As for her future, Tika is prepping for her latest role in the remake of the ’70s movie Sparkle.

We look forward to seeing her shine!

SOURCE: Vibe Vixen

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