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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’d know that the highly anticipated Footloose remake hits theaters this Friday.

Former Dancing With The Stars dancer and Ryan Seacrest’s girl, Julianne Hough grabbed the leading role where she dances in her daisy dukes alongside her co-star Kenny Wormald. Both of these young stars bring their svelte figures and pelvic-thrusting moves to the big screen this week, but not before we had a chance to catch up with them and get some inside info on their new film.

Check out our exclusive below.

GlobalGrind: What was your approach to this film, since it’s a familiar story to everyone, were you intimidated at all?

Julianne Hough: A little bit. We loved the original and we wanted to pay it homage and not disrespect it. We love it so much, but at the same time we didn’t want to mimick or remake anything that was so foreign to us. We wanted it to be very natural for this generation. I think both generations are loving it so far. We’ve been doing some screenings and people are loving it! So we’re excited.

Kenny Wormald: Before we started shooting, we knew the film so well. I saw it a bunch growing up. After we were both officially booked and had two or three months prior to shooting, we didn’t watch it. We wanted to kind of keep our distance.

You’re stepping into some pretty big shoes, Kevin Bacon, this is the role that put him on the map. How are you feeling about that?

Kenny: I feel great. I feel very proud of this film and I think we all do. We’re excited to finally show the world. I feel like I’m 9 months pregnant and I just want it to come out already. We’re excited and I’m honored because I was a huge fan of the original so getting to recreate it, I think, is incredible.

Julianne, you’re no stranger to dance. Everyone knows you from Dancing With the Stars. Was it fun for you to jump into something where you get to act and dance?

Julianne: A lot of people don’t realize this, but when I moved to LA when I was 18, I moved here to act. Dancing With the Stars kind of found me a place so it’s really great to do something that I came here to do and really focus on that. I feel so blessed that I did get to dance in my first real leading movie.

Talk to us about some of the things you guys liked in reference to updating this film from the original?

Kenny: Craig (the director) had it set up as, “If it’s not broke don’t fix it.” So certain things we couldn’t touch because people would just be too angry about that. So, you got to keep the iconic moments but he did update some things.  I think the bus scene was a great decision because he’s from the south and he has seen some of those kind of figure-8 demolition style races so it wasn’t some made up Hollywood thing to put on the new generation instead of the tractors. If you think about it, tractors only go about six miles an hour, maybe twelve. So kids nowadays needed a little more amp up, so I think it was a good call by Craig on that one.

Julianne: Mine changed too. Ariel in the first movie stands on two cars where it shows she’s a reckless girl, but mine was when I’m hanging outside of the race car and I really did that. It was so much fun! It didn’t look as fast as it was in person. It was 65 or 75 miles per hour around those corners.

Kenny: That thing went flying! It was pretty unsafe.

Julianne: It was crazy and scary.