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This weekend, Guastavinos in NYC was transformed into the magical world of Skylands.

The venue was complete with larger than life action figures and larger than life Knicks player, Amar’e Stoudemire, to celebrate the launch of Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure — the first video game that allows action figures to come to life when placed on a gaming portal.

NY FASHION WEEK: Amar’e Stoudemire Debuts Womenswear With Rachel Roy, Confirms Line For Men 

Protruding from a sea of pajama-clad children, video games and colossal action figures, the 6 foot 10 baller celebrated the launch of the game alongside lucky members of the Boys and Girls Club.

Glitter tattoos, face painting, scavenger hunts and even Stoudemire’s presence could not divert the little ones’ attention from the multiple Skylander playing stations for Wii, Nintendo DS and Play station.

NY FASHION WEEK: Amar’e Stoudemire Debuts Womenswear With Rachel Roy, Confirms Line For Men 

While the guests of honors under 5 feet tall were leveling up in video games, GlobalGrind caught up with the host of the night, on our tippy toes, as he walked the blue carpet. Stoudemire had his share to say about fashion, his new kicks and the rumor that he is starting his own fashion line.

GlobalGrind: Tell us a little about the event tonight and why you are here.

Amar’e Stoudemire: I am here to support the youth! The Boys and Girls Club is going to be here, so that is my main reason for coming out.

We in the style section of GlobalGrind want to know about your collaboration with Rachel Roy. How were you involved?

It was great. Rachel and I collaborated on this women’s collection. We came up with some sketches and I agreed to what I thought women would look good in as far as courtside apparel. It was very sexy, very sleek and it turned out great.

Were you involved hands-on?

I was totally involved in the collaboration, hands on from start to finish!

We heard some rumors that you are thinking about starting your own fashion line. Is there any truth to that?

There is truth to it. There is something coming soon, something we are working on, but I can’t give you too many details right now. All I can say is that it is coming soon.

What should we be looking forward to seeing from this line?

Stay tuned.

How long should we stay tuned for? Is it going to be months, years?

It is going to be months.

We have been seeing you at a lot of fashion shows and events. If the NBA wasn’t on lockout right now, would you still be as involved in fashion as you are?

Yes, I still would be. That’s for sure.

How would you balance your time if you were in-season to make time for fashion?

Most important to me is basketball. That is my career, that is my job, so obviously I would take that a lot more seriously than anything else, but fashion is something that I do for fun and it just happened to grow on me.

You made it clear that basketball is number one, so aside from allotting your time to dabble in fashion, what other effects has the lockout had on your personal life? Has it changed how you spend your time?

I spend more time in the classroom. I attend school now, I study more and I travel more and I am doing a lot of acting now. I have a lot more time for acting now, a lot more than I normally would and I have a children’s book coming out.

What are you studying?

I am studying history. My interest in history sparked when I was a kid.

You said you are launching a children’s book?

Yes. The children’s book is coming out soon, it’s from Scholastic and it is called Home Court: Standing Tall and Talented and it is going to be a cool book.

What else can we look forward to seeing from you?

The Nike Air Max Sweep Thru shoes just released on October 1st. I was involved in production but it’s not 100 percent me, it is mostly Nike and then I added my input in and just made it a performance and lifestyle shoe.

Is this going to be your go-to shoe that you wear with everything? Tuxedos and all?


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