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Cam Gigandet does his thing and looks good doing it in the new suspense filled film Trespass directed by Joel Schumacher.

In the movie, Cam, who you may have seen in The O.C. and Twilight, plays a robber who tries to get a family to open a safe filled with diamonds. As they’re held for ransom, a husband and wife’s predicament grows more dire amid the discovery of betrayal and deception.

We caught up with Cam as he made a stop in New York City and found out quite a bit about one of Hollywood’s fastest growing stars. He also gave Jay-Z and Beyonce a bit of advice about parenting. Check it out!

GlobalGrind: Director Joel Schumacher told us you got tons of cards from women who wanted to have sex with you.

Cam Gigandet: I replied to all of them (Laughs).

Being a father, how do you balance that with having fun with the ladies and still having a daughter?

That stuff so rarely reaches my home, and not just literally, but figuratively as well. It just never really comes that far, even publicity or work in general, it always stays out there and I try my best to keep it away from my family life. So when we are at home, it’s not like I’m walking around with a shirt that says “Sexiest Man in the World” or anything! It ends up being just two young parents trying to raise a little girl.

Do you ever feel like a piece of meat?

It’s OK that I do sometimes. It’s part of the job and I just have to work through it. Now in my career, especially after having a two and a half year old, the choices or the roles that I go after are a little bit different from when I first started. It definitely enters my mind that I don’t want it to stay that way and so from now on, I’ll look this way or try this or pass on this. It’s always in the back of my mind.


You have done quite a few roles that are highly violent or kind of psychotic, is that what you like doing as an actor?

I enjoy it the most. I don’t know why. There just seems to be more to grab on to. You can use your imagination a little bit more. Where as good guys or heroes, they always have to abide by a strict set of rules, and to this day, I haven’t been able to work around those. It hasn’t gotten fun for me, the good guy. Maybe because I just don’t know how to do it. With the bad guy, there seems to be more creativity and imagination involved in justifying what they do, and that’s what people hire me to do. I take what I can get!

Nicole Kidman and Nick Cage seem to bump heads in this film, is there anything you and your fiance often butt heads about, and what do you butt heads about the most?

Well my daugther is two and a half now, so that has become a bumping heads type of deal. The day before, my little girl was crying and being a brat ‘about something about something’ and I asked if she wanted to go to her bedroom and Dominique said, “well now she’s going to think that everytime she goes to her bedroom that means something bad, so shes not going to want to sleep in her bedroom. She’s going to associate bedroom with being bad, we need a timeout chair.” And I never grew up with a timeout chair, it was always “go to your room!” So now there’s always these ‘raising’ things and disciplining, so I’m sure it will be just one of many things we will talk about.

What did you learn most from being a father and a celebrity? Because so many people are having babies, like Jay-Z and Beyonce. What advice would you them and what did you learn?

Everyone is different, but for us it was all about putting our family first, and staying together as much as possible. If I go out and work, my fiance always comes with and that helps a lot. Because there are times where you are apart a lot for so long and that gets too difficult. You need to have something that grounds you, wherever you are in the world and sort of been our saving grace, always being together as much as possible. That might be difficult when she is in grade school but we will take the school with us.

We’ll thank you very much for taking the time to talk to us, the movie is amazing and your character really left us on the edge of our seats. Trespass is in theaters now.